Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Protests in São Paulo] The Clear Goals of the Struggle

1. The movement came about centered around the struggle to reduce the public transportation fares, supplemented by the fight for free fare andthe right to the city. Those are the causes the Free Fare Movement stands for, as they have been developing for a decade, with demonstrations that vary in size along those years.2. The brutal repression of the Military Police in São Paulo, on the June 13th demonstration, leaving hundreds wounded and arrested - or cowardly battered, - caused national and international commotion, taking demonstrations to a never before seen dimension when it comes to the issue of urban mobility.3. The mainstream media in Brazil, known to be a monopoly that was never properly regulated by the Federal Government to become truly democratic, as well as having its interests entwined with those of the conservative right - bought out and obedient to them - has tried to turn the goals of the movement into their own political agenda in a vile manipulative process.4. This is nothing new. It’s worth noting that, back in 1984, during one of the most important demonstrations during the Diretas Já Campaign at Sé Square, the daily news at Globo announced people were gathered there to celebrate São Paulo’s anniversary.5.Other goals that have been added to the movement are legitimate and help in politicizing the debate, widening the perspective for a positive end to this great wave of protests.6. However, there’s been an ideological cluttering, one orchestrated by the right wing parties and incited by mainstream media editorials with the intention of attributing their own agenda to the movement - an attempt to gain votes in 2014, or even creating circumstances that could lead to a coup.7. Here we have a shared responsibility: Inside the movement, we must keep fighting to neutralize the right wing conservative stupidity, defining a series of clear goals for the struggle and shouting chants related to them, as well as writing and spreading information about them. In different spheres of the government, the goals of the movement must be heard immediately, as short, medium and long term plans that include democratizing mechanisms for access to the city are created, such as FREE FARE.Haddad, honor the Worker’s Party and its history! Repeal the fare hikes today and begin negotiations with the Free Fare Movement in public transportation.We are living in a historical moment and our political function is to act in helping to build the necessary conditions for a concrete victory instead of a regression.
Written by Marcelo PomarTranslated by Jéssica Preuss

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