Thursday, May 29, 2014

Subway - Committee will organize the release of turnstiles : "One of the resolutions of the meeting of the day 20/5 was the formation of a committee to define how the release of the turnstiles will be taken during the Wage Campaign. The Committee will organize this activity, which may happen even before the possible strike category. This discussion will be taken to the areas that members can decide on the best way to perform the activity "

Public transport is not a commodity. Public transport is a right.

São Paulo - government trying to criminalize protest

Movimento Passe Livre – São Paulo » Blog Archive » Pela terceira vez – sobre inquéritos, intimações e investigações: as contínuas ações ilegais das polícias: "Nos dias 22 e 23 de maio, pela terceira vez, dezenas de militantes, e até mesmo seus parentes ou pessoas que sequer participaram de qualquer manifestação nos últimos meses, foram intimadas para comparecer ao DEIC para prestar esclarecimentos/informações sem sequer saber do que são acusadas, ou se há alguma acusação. A ilegalidade e a arbitrariedade são tamanhas, que dessa vez não se deram nem ao trabalho de mencionar o número de um inquérito policial na maioria das intimações. Tais práticas, com ameaças, intimidações e exposição de militantes com a presença da polícia em suas casas (militantes que em sua maioria já foram expostos nas ilegais prisões para averiguação que ocorreram em 2013), tem a clara finalidade de dar continuidade à criminalização dos movimentos sociais."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brazil #transit strike exposes inequality of the system

Passe Livre Rj: "We call on all those who fight for a just society and without turnstiles to support the road. At this time it is even more important, because the criminalisation continues. The legal action of RioÔnibus is revealing in saying that the alleged "leaders" are "not allowed to promote, participate, inciting a strike and practice acts that impede the proper and continuous functioning, the service of public transport". Let's remember that the "proper functioning" of public transport here means the exclusion of 38 million people in the country, which are only on foot, as well as the operation of fleets scarce and crowded, to get more roulette wheels rotated and rates paid. This public transport run by entrepreneurs and funded by fare increases social inequality, unemployment and worsening the living conditions of the road, firing tax collectors to collect the single ticket (more profit with the prepayment of the highest R$3,00 rate) and increased exploitation of his work."

Pelé Scolds Brazil on World Cup Spending "The Brazilian legend Pelé criticized his country’s organization of the World Cup, saying that billions of dollars have been spent unwisely. Speaking in Mexico City, Pelé said he sided with those protesting against the big spending, but he also lamented violence. Brazil is spending about $11 billion over all on the World Cup, and $4 billion on 12 new and refurbished stadiums. Pelé said: “Some of this money could have been invested in schools, in hospitals. Brazil needs it.”"

Open turnstiles June 5th in São Paulo

Facebook: "Em assembleia na noite de hoje, metroviários tiram greve para o dia 5 de junho!

Na tarde de hoje, o Sindicato ainda lançou a proposta de, ao invés de paralisar a operação na greve, liberar as catracas para a população. O desafio está lançado para o governo - o governo, culpado do nosso sufoco cotidiano e da necessidade de greve. Diminuir salários, quadro de funcionários e trens em circulação é o mesmo de aumentar as tarifas e catracas: fazer com que o transporte continue a ser algo que dê lucro para os empresários e políticos, não um serviço que atenda as nossas necessidades, que usamos e trabalhamos nele!

Só com a aliança entre usuários e trabalhadores vamos transformar o transporte! Seja de braços cruzados, seja de catracas liberadas, nossa luta é uma só!

Todo apoio à luta trabalhadores metroviários!
Chega de sufoco!"

Brazil strikes show #publictransit is not just for the riders

Brazil Strikes Grip World Cup Cities; More Planned: "Public sector strikes are continuing in major cities in Brazil, 16 days before the World Cup is set to kick off in the South American country.

No buses are running in the World Cup host city of Salvador, after sides failed to reach agreement over pay and conditions."

Friday, May 23, 2014

Brazil - no money for #freetransit but millions spent for shooting at Brazilian people during soccer cup

Sport UOL: "The federal government has purchased a total of 2,691 kits with weapons of rubber bullets and ammunition to distribute the police to combat protests in the 2014 World Cup. The total investment is $ 30 million, and represents only a portion of spending on non-lethal weapons. Prevent manifestations affect the World Cup and its fans is a priority for the Union in the event security."

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tarifa Zero BH: #publictransit fares are part of automobile subsidy policy

Tarifa Zero BH: "WHY FIGHT the FARE INCREASE? Protests of 2013 have brought to light that the battle against the fare increase is not only about TWENTY CENTS.

To help you understand, because it's difficult for some, go here for a drawing. The vicious circle of fares is used in various technical studies (e.g. last page) that show the unsustainability of the financing model of public transport with fares.

The cycle begins with the stimulus policies in the car. In Brazil, for EACH REAL PUBLIC RESOURCE invested in public transportation, TWELVE are REAL invested in individual ( This is the true free lunch offered to drivers in tax cuts and infrastructure.

This generates the migration of users of public transportation back to cars. And, therefore, reduces the fares collected. How to compensate for the reduction in revenue? Decrease quality, reduce lines little profitable or increase the fare.

And what it generates? More Stampede of users for individual transport. The result is what we see in Brazil today: clogged cities auto, casualty, congested, polluted, unequal and inaccessible.

Every penny more in the rate means a city more unequal and oppressive, a worse place to live. That's why the fight is not just for twenty cents.

The demonstrations will intensify. Better give a thought out there who's BUYING the MEDIA DISCOURSE, which sidesteps the IMMOBILITY and the maintenance of the status quo, and start looking at every manifestation as a competition for best cities for all.

Tarifa Zero BH is busy fighting. We occupy City Hall against the fraudulent increase in BH and fare in support of the struggle of the servers and teachers who are on strike and camped in front of Belo Horizonte."

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bus drivers defy union, government, with massive strike in Brazil

Todo apoio à luta dos motoristas e cobradores!: "Saudamos os trabalhadores do transporte que não aceitam o acordo das empresas, lutando por condições dignas de trabalho, e que cruzam os braços, bloqueando os terminais Pinheiros, Pirituba, Princesa Isabel, Sacomã, Lapa, Amaral Gurgel, Barra Funda, Bandeira, Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, Grajaú, Parelheiros, Pqe Dom Pedro II, Mercado, Butantã, Casa Verde, Santana!

Rodoviários de todo o país também então em greve, no Rio, em Goiânia, Cuiabá, Jundiaí, e São Luís! A mobilização se espalhou ao longo do dia de ontem por SP e pegou o governo de surpresa. Com quem eles vão negociar se os trabalhadores não reconhecem o acordo feito pelo sindicato?"

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Fare Movement in Brazil Protests beating of passenger for not having fare

In Santo André security CPTM along with military police beat a young man who has not paid the value of 3.00 for boarding the train. The young man could have been killed simply for not agreeing that violence is the rate of mass transit.
The fascist state and its agents, as the PM, and private security guards are able to take lives in defense of private capital; in defense of a tariff slaying and violent every day the population that is poor and excluded to move, to come and go, working, studying, hanging out, going to the hospital, to the park, to find, simply by not having R $ 6.00 (9, 12, 18 real ...) to pay each time you leave the house.

We condemn the violent actions of the PM and the security of the CPTM.
We condemn the violence of everyday fare.


Videos of violence

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tarifa Zero BH - fighting against fare hike

Tarifa Zero BH: "We have shown in recent days several glaring failures of the report by Ernst & Young. We have shown how that lack of popular control prevents a truly public transport that meets the desires of the population.

Next week, the public prosecutor may request the cancellation of the increase. Help on this pressure, mobilize and stay tuned. Requires a tax audit, citizen participation and popular bus systems.

We will continue in the streets until the transport is a law and controlled in fact by the population."

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Passe livre Rj -- Life without turnstiles

Passe livre Rj: "Todos ao próximo ato, dia 7 de Maio, concentração na candelária, às 16h.

Imagens do último ato dos rodoviários. Tem todo o nosso apoio! Contra a dupla função de motorista e cobrador, pelo reajuste salarial, contra a carga horária de 12 horas!

Pela união entre trabalhador e usuário! Por uma vida sem catracas!"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fare free movement in Brazil uncovers government corruption

Justice upholds complaint against mayor of Belo Horizonte - Politics - Nowadays: "The mayor of Belo Horizonte, Marcio Lacerda (PSB), is the target of a lawsuit for giving tax benefits to public transport in the capital without a financial impact study companies. 

Passenger beaten for not paying fare

Movimento Passe Livre ABC: "In Santo André CPTM security along with the military police beat a young man who didn't pay the value of 3.00 to board the train. It is possible that the young man has died, simply for not agreeing to the violence that is the fare of collective transport.
The State and its agents fascists, as PM, and private security guards are capable of taking lives in defense of private capital; in defense of a butchering and violent fare every day the population is poor and excluded from circular, to come and go, work, study, hang out, go to the hospital, to the Park, to find, simply because I don't have $ 6.00 (9, 12, 18 real ...) to pay every time you leave the House.

Repudiate the violent action of the PM and the security of the CPTM.
We reject the violence of everyday fare."