Thursday, January 12, 2012

The fight against fare-hikes in Brazil. #contraoaumentothe #english

Urban Transport Mafias make coordinate attack to increase taxes [fares].

People in Brazil are reacting against the urban transport mafias. The central coordination of the mafias defined to increase the taxes on several important cities of Brazil in the beginning of the year, during school vacation.

Anyway, right now, there are protests happening in Teresina-PI and Vitória-ES.

In Teresina students protests were violently repressed by the State. The local government is KIDNAPPING the protesters. This is the correct term because there is no reason for keeping them under arrest and the bail is too much for students and protesters: over R$ 6.000,00.

In Teresina and in other greater cities in Brazil, the mafia involves elected politicians, urban transport entrepreneurs and even judges. These mafias have ramifications to business construction and real estate which influence the urbanism, creating a greater dependence of cars, energy and pollution, thus putting workers far away from their jobs, their schools, hospitals etc… All of that for the mafias profit.

The workers of the urban transport (bus drivers, etc…) cannot join the protesters because their unions are extremely violent, many times directed by violent criminals involved in assaults and murders. A perfect situation for the bosses, which suborn these union directors.

In Vitória, after the arrest of protesters in Teresina, a bus was set on fire, early on the following morning, and there are people under arrest there too.

Anyway, students are going to streets today again: they want the protesters free and also want the tax value turn back to the original value.

Some time ago, the movement has occurred in other cities like Salvador-BA, Florianópolis-SC, São Paulo-SP and its common characteristic is: NO LEADERSHIP IS ACCEPTED OR ADMITTED AND PARTY FLAGS ARE NOT WELCOME.

MPL-Curitiba jan/2012.

Link for independent midia about police violence in Teresina:

MPL fights fare hike, calls for no fares, no turnstiles

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brazil - MPL fights #transit fare hikes

...Joinville Free Pass Movement opposes any increase in bus fares. And we will use all our means to prevent this increase applies. And more than that: we will continue opening up the political debate around a real alternative to private transport that prevails today in the city and serves the profit of a few families, preventing thousands of move around freely because the right to transform urban mobility.... We will continue fighting for a public transport, funded by progressive taxation and democratically managed....