Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brazilian Institute of Applied Economics Proposes Free Fare to 7.5 mi People


Brasília, Brazil

The exemption of taxes and the implementation of free fare to people who does not have access to the public transportation system might be the solutions for people’s claim of urban mobility’s improvement. According to Institute of Applied Economics Research (IPEA), the idea of Social Integrated Transport lies within a national pact to a whole tax exemption of the services to everybody involved in the use of public transport. The tax exemption considers the reduction of tributes that exist in the bus industry, and it will reduce the fare at least 15% from the actual value. In addition, IPEA comprehends public transport as a social right to everybody. Thus, it is necessary to establish public policies that guarantee this right for every single person, considering public transportation as an essential service and a human right.   

Source: Sabrina Craide - Agência Brasil