Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turnstiles opened by strike in Curitiba

Free Pass Sao Paulo: " "Today, June 26 days free of Curitiba woke turnstiles, not for this initiative of our city government, much less the business, after all could ever be. Today through the struggle of workers transport the population of Curitiba can experience the Zero Rate. Today is eminent that the Zero rate may exist, it is not for the grace of . above, but the struggle of low This initiative on the part of workers, falls in movements that are due to non-compliance with agreements by businesses and disrespect the fundamental rights of workers, such as: the right to a bathroom (workers demand chemical bath tube stations), not to get cold in winter (improvement in uniform for the winter), not be exposed to high temperatures (50 º in the tubes in the summer) and most do not have to pay for the losses of the company (when stolen the collective bargaining and tube stations who are paid workers). [...] " Zero Rate now! Plucked from the pockets of bosses! Only with the alliance between workers and users we build a new transport, decent and free! FOR A LIFE WITHOUT RATCHETS!"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Study shows transport inequality in Brazil

The Workers’ Party of Brazil Has Gone Full Thatcher!: "“Another survey conducted by the Institute of Information and Development in Transportation and the Instituto de Pesquisa Econômia Aplicada identified problems of urban mobility for low-income populations in four Brazilian metropolitan regions, including São Paulo. It showed that people with family incomes up to three times the minimum wage are deprived of access to collective public transport because of the high prices and infrequency of services as well as the difficulty to physically reach distant stations. It also showed that low levels of mobility for leisure activities during weekends are partly due to the prohibitive total cost to transport a family, but also because the scarcity of public transport is even worse on weekends.”"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brazil: Free public transport-protests against the World Cup

Free public transport: "The protests in Brazil are kicking in again, at the same time as the much-disputed football World Cup takes place. The cup claims billions, and activists want social infrastructure, reforms like free pulic transportation and an end to corruption.

On the 19th of June, Movimento Passe Livre (The Free Pass-movement) will arrange protests in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo  and Natal.

The authorities are trying to criminalize protesters, and global support may shift the focus to the protesters demands. In Stockholm, a solidarity demonstration will also be held on the 19th and marsch to the Brazilian Embassy.

Tarifa Zero jà!"

Monday, June 9, 2014

People of Brazil know the World Cup will not help the economy "Only 34 percent of Brazilians think the World Cup will help the economy, which is in its fourth straight year of slow growth, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. Thirty-nine percent say the tournament will actually hurt Brazil’s image around the world, according to the face-to-face survey of 1,003 randomly selected adults from across the country."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Passe livre Rj - Students in Brazil arrested for thought crimes

Passe livre Rj: "Goiás students arrested over pamphlets and posters, anarchist books seized by police, protesters in Porto Alegre indicted for "formation of militia," homeless in Rio sentenced to 5 years in prison for carrying a bottle of disinfectant, domain theory fact ... is established in Brazil the THOUGHTCRIME!"

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Subway workers threaten to go on strike in Rio Tuesday : "HELIO ALMEIDA
Rio - The Rio subway workers may go on strike from next Tuesday. Without reaching an agreement made during a meeting yesterday with representatives of the concessionaire Metro Rio, the Union of Subway River (Simerj) reported that the category will stop if the company does not negotiate."

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Passe Livre São Paulo - Turnstiles are the crime

Passe Livre São Paulo: ":: DAY of STRUGGLE in the SUBWAY of SÃO PAULO the strike approved by subway yesterday morning began with four lines stops: 1-blue, 2-green, 3-red and 5-lilac.

The lines were gradually released with reduced frame, putting at risk the security of workers, which jumped the turnstiles in Capão Redondo and Itaquera Station to access the platform. In both cases, the military police was thrown to protect the turnstiles and the profit of the employers.

The repression to strike and to users who instituted the Zero Tariff in practice shows once again the true interest behind this transport should be public: the profit of entrepreneurs who watch from above on both sides of the transport workers fighting for dignity to work and get around the city.


World Cup leaves Brazil costly stadiums, poor public transport

Reuters: "(Reuters) - When the final whistle blows at the World Cup, Brazilians will be left with some of the world's costliest soccer stadiums and few of the public transport improvements they were promised."