Thursday, June 20, 2013

About the victory: "Statement of the Free Fare Movement"

June 20, 2013

by Free Fare Movement  São Paulo

The city will not forget the experience of these last weeks. We learned that only
the struggle of those from below can defeat interests enforced from the top down. The government's intransigence had to give in because of blocked streets, barricades, and civil unrest.

Neither the Free Fare Movement or any other organization are the ones who repealed the fare hike. The people is the only responsible for it.

The people builds and makes the city functions every day. However, the people has no right to enjoy this city, because transportation is expensive. Revoking the
price rises on public transport is an important step towards the recovery and the transformation of this city by the people from below.

The struggle of the Free Free Movement, which neither begins nor ends today, continues towards a public transport without any charge, where decisions are taken by the users and not by politicians and businessmen. If before they used to say that it was impossible to cancel the increase in transport fares, the people's revolt proved that it is not. Now they say that the free fare is impossible, our struggle will prove them wrong.

For a life without turnstiles!

Free Fare Movement São Paulo


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