Sunday, August 7, 2011

FRIDA / IGF 2011 Award: Project:

FRIDA / IGF 2011 Award: Project: " is an independent site with the goal of bringing together collection of materials (articles, audios, videos, stories, news, etc..) Produced on the theme of urban mobility and the right to the city, with an emphasis on defense of free public transportation - as a public policy that encourages the reduction of automobile use in cities, income redistribution and social justice that benefits the majority of the population. This idea is founded on the understanding that transportation is an essential public service, a fundamental right that guarantees people's access to other fundamental rights such as health and education. In the farthest reaches of large cities, access to fundamental rights can only be achieved through public transportation. And to ensure that the entire population can enjoy these rights, transport needs to be public and free. Otherwise, people who can not afford to pay the fare can not reach their destinations and exercise their rights."