Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 Cities raise bus fares - sparking protests

The readjustments in the passages of the buses drew protests from students in Joinville, Joao Pessoa, Salvador and Sao Paulo.

In Salvador, students protesting since Monday (3) against the increase of the passages and called for lowering the tariff, the freezing of the previous value and the reactivation of the Municipal Transportation.

In the capital of Paraiba, a protest occurs on Thursday (06) in front of City Hall, downtown. The aim is to protest against the increase and try to reverse the situation.

Also on Thursday the Front for the Struggle for Public Transportation will hold a demonstration against the readjustment of rates in Joinville. The act will take place at 18pm in the Flag Square, downtown.

In Sao Paulo, the MPL have organized activities since November 2010 and held this week to convene a leafleting the people to a rally next Thursday (13) at 17 pm, opposite the Teatro Municipal of São Paulo.

With the forecast increase in the price of tickets in Aracaju, still no date certain to happen, the Association of Residents and Merchants Quarter Industrial articulates with youth leaders and residents of several neighborhoods in the capital of Sergipe a movement against the increase.
Brasil de Fato