Tuesday, October 22, 2013

National week of the fare free movement in Brazil - 26-Oct

To mark the historical memory of this constant struggle that The National Fight Week Free Pass was created by and is marked by the 26th of October. This date is important because it goes back to the movements and achievements of the Revolt of 2004 in Florianópolis Ratchet, one of the struggles that gave rise to the Movement Free Pass. We must keep alive the memory to always remember that our struggle did not start now - and that will only end with the end of all turnstiles. This year several cities across the country are moving down to show that the increases was only the beginning: we really want is to zero the tariff, decommodify our right to come and go, making public transport is truth and end any type of ratchet. The struggle for a city of all / the remains - check the schedule and participate in actions in your city!

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