Saturday, October 26, 2013

BBC reporter admits that black bloc is a cover for police #falseflag #provocation

BBC News - Black Blocs hijack Brazil teacher protests: "These are the Black Blocs and it was their actions on the fringes of the main demonstration that turned a hitherto peaceful event violent.
On previous occasions I have witnessed first-hand and seen powerful video evidence to support allegations that the security forces themselves have orchestrated or agitated violence in the crowd to justify their own, subsequent, actions but that did not seem to be the case in Rio, at least, last night.
There would later be criticism of the police from some quarters for being relatively slow to react and for not marshalling the demonstration in any way."
In this article, he says that less than 300 marched openly down the street, many with no masks. Why do the police not go straight to them?
After riot police were belatedly deployed, the rioters retreated, vandalising banks and smashing windows as they melted into the shadows.
Why were the police slow to react? Did they want to make sure their colleagues in the black bloc finished their work? Why do vandals always seem to melt into the shadows? Later in the article, he says
The Black Blocs are an enigma and nobody really knows who they are.
And yet they organize on Facebook? In this day of constant surveillance, somehow the black bloc moves around, marching in groups, and fading in the shadows, and no one knows who they are? Ha. ha.
In fact, black bloc is a police-organized group. There may be some people who join unaware of this, but without the police provocateurs, these groups would dry up and go away. 

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