Saturday, February 1, 2014

Brazil free-fare movement (MPL) in Rio calls for action Feb 6 against fare hikes

MPL - Rio : "The MPL -Rio ( ) and MPL - Niterói (ói/634199619946460 ) maintains its position fight ! Now is Zero Rate ! Apart from the country's worst urban mobility , where the employee takes on average 47min to go home from work , still have to swallow another increase !

This is an attack to users of the public transport system and also to all who have decided to stand up and use the street as a space for the exercise of politics . The reduction of tariffs in June 2013 is now the most powerful symbol of the strength coming from the streets . Therefore advocate reducing tariffs is fighting for a prospect of popular and mass struggle

Thus invite all groups , individuals and groups to join in this fight , on 06 / 02 at 17h , leaving the Candelaria again. Take your angst, their anger and everything else you see fit to make an active and combative act. The street and the fight does not belong to this or that team, but to all of us and we all win move for a more just and free society for all turnstiles !"

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