Monday, September 20, 2010

What is free fare?

Free Pass (or Zero Fare) is the most practical and effective way to ensure the right to come and go in cities for all the population. This idea is based on the understanding that transportation is an essential public service, a fundamental right that ensures the access of people to other fundamental rights such as health and education.

With the unplanned growth of cities, the access to health, education, leisure, work, among many others, started to be extremely complicated, besides costing a lot of money and several hours of our day. In large cities the displacements are a daily necessity, because without them the social life would be frustrated.

In areas more remote from major centers, access to fundamental rights can only be achieved through public transportation. And to ensure that the entire population can enjoy these rights, transport needs to be public and free. Otherwise, people who have no money to pay the fare may not reach their destinations and to exercise their rights.

The “zero fare” or “free pass”, will be made through a Fund for Transport, which will use funds raised in a progressive scale, ie: those who has more pay more, who has less pay less, and who can’t pay doesn’t pay. For example, the property tax for banks, large enterprises, mansions, hotels, resorts, malls etc.., Shall be proportionately increased so that the richest sectors of society contribute properly, distributing income and guaranteeing the existence of a transport system that is truly public, free, high-quality and accessible to all people, without exclusion.

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