Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turnstiles opened by strike in Curitiba

Free Pass Sao Paulo: " "Today, June 26 days free of Curitiba woke turnstiles, not for this initiative of our city government, much less the business, after all could ever be. Today through the struggle of workers transport the population of Curitiba can experience the Zero Rate. Today is eminent that the Zero rate may exist, it is not for the grace of . above, but the struggle of low This initiative on the part of workers, falls in movements that are due to non-compliance with agreements by businesses and disrespect the fundamental rights of workers, such as: the right to a bathroom (workers demand chemical bath tube stations), not to get cold in winter (improvement in uniform for the winter), not be exposed to high temperatures (50 º in the tubes in the summer) and most do not have to pay for the losses of the company (when stolen the collective bargaining and tube stations who are paid workers). [...] " Zero Rate now! Plucked from the pockets of bosses! Only with the alliance between workers and users we build a new transport, decent and free! FOR A LIFE WITHOUT RATCHETS!"

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