Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tarifa Zero BH: #publictransit fares are part of automobile subsidy policy

Tarifa Zero BH: "WHY FIGHT the FARE INCREASE? Protests of 2013 have brought to light that the battle against the fare increase is not only about TWENTY CENTS.

To help you understand, because it's difficult for some, go here for a drawing. The vicious circle of fares is used in various technical studies (e.g. last page) that show the unsustainability of the financing model of public transport with fares.

The cycle begins with the stimulus policies in the car. In Brazil, for EACH REAL PUBLIC RESOURCE invested in public transportation, TWELVE are REAL invested in individual ( This is the true free lunch offered to drivers in tax cuts and infrastructure.

This generates the migration of users of public transportation back to cars. And, therefore, reduces the fares collected. How to compensate for the reduction in revenue? Decrease quality, reduce lines little profitable or increase the fare.

And what it generates? More Stampede of users for individual transport. The result is what we see in Brazil today: clogged cities auto, casualty, congested, polluted, unequal and inaccessible.

Every penny more in the rate means a city more unequal and oppressive, a worse place to live. That's why the fight is not just for twenty cents.

The demonstrations will intensify. Better give a thought out there who's BUYING the MEDIA DISCOURSE, which sidesteps the IMMOBILITY and the maintenance of the status quo, and start looking at every manifestation as a competition for best cities for all.

Tarifa Zero BH is busy fighting. We occupy City Hall against the fraudulent increase in BH and fare in support of the struggle of the servers and teachers who are on strike and camped in front of Belo Horizonte."

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