Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Fare Movement in Brazil Protests beating of passenger for not having fare

In Santo André security CPTM along with military police beat a young man who has not paid the value of 3.00 for boarding the train. The young man could have been killed simply for not agreeing that violence is the rate of mass transit.
The fascist state and its agents, as the PM, and private security guards are able to take lives in defense of private capital; in defense of a tariff slaying and violent every day the population that is poor and excluded to move, to come and go, working, studying, hanging out, going to the hospital, to the park, to find, simply by not having R $ 6.00 (9, 12, 18 real ...) to pay each time you leave the house.

We condemn the violent actions of the PM and the security of the CPTM.
We condemn the violence of everyday fare.


Videos of violence

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