Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brazil #transit strike exposes inequality of the system

Passe Livre Rj: "We call on all those who fight for a just society and without turnstiles to support the road. At this time it is even more important, because the criminalisation continues. The legal action of RioÔnibus is revealing in saying that the alleged "leaders" are "not allowed to promote, participate, inciting a strike and practice acts that impede the proper and continuous functioning, the service of public transport". Let's remember that the "proper functioning" of public transport here means the exclusion of 38 million people in the country, which are only on foot, as well as the operation of fleets scarce and crowded, to get more roulette wheels rotated and rates paid. This public transport run by entrepreneurs and funded by fare increases social inequality, unemployment and worsening the living conditions of the road, firing tax collectors to collect the single ticket (more profit with the prepayment of the highest R$3,00 rate) and increased exploitation of his work."

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