Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whom do the police protect? Pregnant woman tries to get on #transit, police attack.

Frente de Luta pelo Transporte: "The catracaço had already begun. Men and women, of all ages, passed over or under the turnstile. But, as in any other place, pregnant women need special conditions.
For the pregnant woman could take advantage of the Zero Rate, the door had to be opened. It was not what happened. The guards did not give terminal property, even with the insistence of the protesters.
The confusion began when the gate was removed by force, paving the way for pregnant women and facilitating Tarifa Zero B TICEN platform.
What we see then is unvarnished violence of the military police of Santa Catarina. Two people were detained. The demonstration then headed up to the front of the police station until they are released.
In the back, dozens and dozens of police officers in the terminal, are the terminal posts, ensuring the dirty money of entrepreneurs of public transportation. By omitting income and lying about the system operating costs, companies steal the people day after day. To the Mayor and Governor, who have in the PM, it seems that it doesn't matter. Pretend to believe his friends entrepreneurs and give orders to the military to ensure the daily theft in rates. Police to the bosses."

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