Saturday, June 15, 2013

[Protests in São Paulo] What the News Won't Show

 About the Protests of 06/11/2013

"The News won’t say that it was hours of peaceful demonstration, from Paulista Avenue to Dom Pedro Park Bus Terminal.

The News won’t say that the march followed the route established by the police until being trapped in front of the Bus Terminal.

The News won’t say that after trapping 20 thousand people in front of the Bus Terminal, the incompetent São Paulo State Police Force threw gas bombs in the middle of the crowd, making people flee and threatening many people’s lives.

The News won’t show that the people came back singing, united, with popular support from the buildings windows, clapping and everything to Sé Square.

The News won’t say that when trying to reassemble in Sé Square, the people were cowardly attacked by the Shock Troup in front of the Cathedral for no apparent reason.
The News won’t show that from this point the Shock Troup randomly hunted any passerby, going way too far from the simple scatter and control tactics.

In the news it’ll only be shown that this hunt resulted in the imprisonment of a journalist and a photographer from the big media.

They won’t count the wounded protesters, spanked by the police, injured by bomb fragments.

The news will only show the wounded policemen, as if they have been simply attacked.
These news will only talk about vandalism, as if this summarized the protest, forgetting all the march.

The news won’t show that the people fled once again, now from Sé Square, to Paulista Avenue, infuriated, just to be cowardly attacked in front of MASP and by traps set on the surrounding streets, in such a way that the people didn’t have how to escape without being hit by police attack.

The news won’t say that all the vandalism concentrated in banks and properties that represent the State.

The news will only show a simple vision, classifying the demonstration as purposeless vandalism, hiding the real motivation of the anger.
They will never talk that it’s related to the youth, tired of being oppressed by the State and by the Financial Dictatorship.

The news won’t say that the youth has no perspective of a future beyond being smashed in wheeled tiny boxes every morning to go to a job they hate, paying a lot for that, and being rewarded with a wage that barely pays habitation and food.

They will never say that the real Estate speculation pulled the working people from the downtown, forcing them to travel for hours to arrive at work.

The Corporate Media doesn’t want to inform anymore, they want to keep the current system, the so called ‘status quo’.

Violent is the media, incapable of seeing the human being when it goes against its corporate interests.

Violent is the media.
Violent is this sick system."

Text about the protests on 06/11
(Author still unknown)

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