Monday, June 24, 2013

Economic reasons for free public transport

Blog Boitempo: "A society dependent on individual car has high levels of pollution - much more than would have been the main means of transport to be collective. Air pollution leads to respiratory diseases and, consequently, medical expenses for the citizen and state. To the extent that such respiratory diseases incapacitate members of a society lead to a possible economic downturn - without health workers do not produce the same level as health workers. There are other expenses related to automobile use in mass, such as maintaining a network of traffic inspectors, crucial for organizing cities with heavy traffic, and time - productive - lost in traffic jams. Who pays the bill for transit are, again, the citizen and the state.

Automakers can sell at cheaper prices because they produce cars pass on the citizen and the state social costs of the transport system that sponsor. In the early months of 2011, the increase in car sales reached 8% compared with the previous year. Automakers require government tax cuts and easier credit for the buyers, that is, they want to get rid of even more of the social costs related to their cars. But the tax should increase, not decrease."

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