Friday, September 24, 2010

Some illustrations used by MPL

"For a life without turnstiles - Florianópolis"

Illustration idealized by Yuri Gama and made by the independent artist André Mesquita for the event of five years of the "Revolta da Catraca" (Revolt of Turnstile) - Building the resistance's memory. (The 2004 violent uprising against the bus fare's raise in Florianópolis - Brazil. At that time, the people's demand were guaranteed.)

Check out the work of André Mesquita here:


Illustration made by Flávio Bá for the Free Fare Movement (MPL), inspired by classic pre-punk band from Detroit (USA), MC5. It was used till some months ago as the opening image of the website of MPL from São Paulo -

"Free Pass"

Another illustration made by the brazilian independent artist Flávio Bá.

Did you liked? Choose the size that you want to download to your computer: -

And do not forget to visit the Flávio's flickr:

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